Student of the Month: Tyler Vincent

Drew Horton, Writer

Tyler Vincent, a senior football player, is known for making big plays on defense, all while maintaining good grades in the classroom. Tyler likes to describe himself as a “gentle giant”; not scared to tackle on the field, yet easily approachable as he always has a smile on his face and tries his best to be funny. However, most of the time, anything he does that’s considered funny happened to be an accident. Playing football since he was young; Tyler enjoys every minute he spends on the field simply because he loves the sport. He was taught to be humble, and has always had a good support system, like bonding with his coaches and knowing that his parents will be at every game, holding his face on a stick. Although his life isn’t entirely revolved around football, he makes sure he has time to spend with the many friends he has and making room for his favorite first hour class, Pop Culture, taught by Mr. Huck. In the end Tyler Vincent most defiantly deserves to be named Student of the Month for his hard work both on, and off the field.