Student of the Month: Joelle Junio

Bethani Thompson, Staff Member

Joelle Junio, freshman student of the month, is a hardworking and confident student. She is involved in many extracurricular activities such as Theater Tech Club and the upcoming play; Alice where she will star as Alice. Receiving the award was a great surprise to Joelle, as she wasn’t expecting it. She says that getting the award is an honor, because the teacher who recommended her is a great inspiration to her. She was nominated was because of her hard work and initiative during her campaign for freshman class president. Her parents are also very proud of her. When she found out she won the award, she texted her mom immediately. Balancing her extracurricular activities and school work is not an easy task, because Tech Club meets every day after school and Alice practices can sometimes run late. Through those obstacles, Joelle doesn’t let that get in her way and sticks to a schedule so she never falls behind. For being a hardworking, confident, and involved student, she is awarded freshman student of the month.