Student of the Month: Colton Snyder

Drue Horton, Yearbook Editor

Colton Snyder, sophomore, was recognized as Student of the Month. Colton finds himself laid back, but says others around him would counter this by pointing out that he’s also super energetic, very talkative, and even at times is known to have “a blank stare” or expression written across his face. At a very young age, Colton found himself finding a passion for baseball and began practicing in the back yard with his mom, who was the inspiration for him playing, seeing as how she played softball in the past. Wrestling, which was suggested by his baseball coach, Coach Wood, was brought to Colton’s attention last year and although he had never wrestled before, he was encouraged to try it out. Even though sports are a huge part of his life, he still makes room to make sure he stays on top on his grades and is sure to make time to “play video games and hang with the squad,” which consists of friends he’s known since an early age. In the future, Colton plans to attend college, and later in life, obtain a career in landscaping, and without a doubt he’ll make it in life with the drive he holds. There’s no question Colton deserves this award for doing the best he can do, whether it’s in the classroom, or on the field.