Student of the Month: Sterling Humburg-Cage

Drue Horton, Yearbook Editor

Sterling Humburg-Cage, Junior, would describe himself as both hard working, as well as easy going, which many would agree with, being that he is the recipient for Student of the Month for the month of February. Although many students find themselves struggling at this time of the year, Sterling stays busy with being involved in both Marching Band and Football here at Battle. With that taking up much of his time, he doesn’t have much free time outside of school, other than making sure he makes it to Church every Sunday and being as involved as he can there. Going with his hard working personality, Sterling enjoys his AP Block class with Mrs. Borgmeyer and Mrs. Adams, saying “My AP class is really the only class that gives me a challenge,” which will help him later on in the future. The future being that, down the road, he hopefully sees himself at The University of Missouri, majoring in either Film Studies or Computer Animations, and then maybe even a Master’s degree. Being able to balance both work and play, Sterling rightfully deserves to be February’s Student of the Month for the Junior Class and Battle wishes him the best of luck with his bright future.