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Breezy Day
Breezy Day is currently a sophomore at Battle High School. She is the kind of person that you would go to for help. She is the smart but sensitive kind of person. She is very outgoing and she will go to any measure to help you out. One thing you should know about her is that she is in love with candy and food. "Food is life," says Breezy. Another thing that you should know about her is that she will do whatever you ask of her, as long as it's not something really stupid that will get her into lots of trouble. I know for a fact that you can't find another person as smart, kind and outgoing as she is. She helps her friends with homework when they need it. So if you ever need any help with homework then she is the person to go too.

Written by Madison Cooney

Breezy Day, Staff Member

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Breezy Day