Battle of the Bands’ Music Competition

Paige Ellis, Staff Member

Battle of the Bands is an old school tradition making a comeback. The custom gets amped up this year with the addition of a new high school to kick it in gear. The CPS tradition started around 2005 and has seen a dying interest, according to Mr. Smith, academy of rock leader it’s “due to the changing music industry.” The idea was originally to match musicians up randomly with one another to diversify the musicians’ horizons and force teamwork and collaboration in a new environment, known as the “patchwork project.” The idea was changed due to smaller numbers and the lack of experience. The new plan is to allow students to form their own bands, a more “natural process” according to Mr. Smith.

There are no musical guidelines, no forced original songs or specific types of covers, just pure artistic freedom. A grand total of six bands are competing in the district, ranging in genre, but only one from Battle; a solo artist know as Phoenix Adams, born Mahalia Adams.

Adams performed a gig earlier this year at the Bridge downtown, along with other groups in the Academy of Rock. She is a guitar player, singer/songwriter, and will be occasionally performing duets with Lesli Woods during the Battle of the Bands.

Three local music experts will be hired as judges for the competition, judging the bands on multiple categories: stage presence, musicality and crowd response, and then they average the scores where highest number wins. The winner gets to keep the trophy, a gold guitar from 2005 in their schools trophy case until the next year, and the winner also receives $100, while the runner up receives a $50 prize. Additionally they will be allowed exclusive training in Darkroom Recording Studios. The Battle of the Bands takes place May 1st at the Bridge downtown, and costs $5 at the door.