A Girl’s Guide to Prom

Daysanae Stemmons, Staff Member

Seniors! Stop what you are doing because prom is two days away! Guess who has great ideas about what to do, where to eat, and what will be the “turn up” after prom? As long you keep reading, I, Daysanae aka the Queen of Prom Shenanigans, will help you have a better view on the situation.

Prom is Saturday at 8:00 PM. So if I were you, ladies, I would get up around 8:00 AM, have a great breakfast and cry just for like 4 minutes, because I’m telling you, you will cry later that day just looking in the mirror and seeing how beautiful you are. So from around 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, go indulge yourself and get your nails done. Text your friends and make sure they are getting beautiful right along with you. Get your dresses out around 2:00 PM. Check on your date and make sure he is not playing video games, he’s got to get ready too. If you don’t have a date, *cough cough* just like me, we can have more time getting pretty.

Every girl should have a role model in her life with her on prom day to help her get ready, put her hair up, and to tell her she looks nothing but beautiful . When 2:00 PM hits, it’s time to go from an ugly step sister to a gorgeous Cinderella in a matter of hours.

There are a variety of great places to take your pictures downtown, as they have a lot of different areas to show off your fabulous dress and natural beauty, like Shelter Gardens, for instance, or in front of the columns (especially if you are a future Mizzou student!).

Hopefully, you’ve already got reservations for your pre-prom dinner at a restaurant like Sycamore or Sophia’s, but if you don’t, you might hit up CC’s City Broiler that doesn’t take reservations. If you’re short on cash, you might even just grab a bite to eat at McDonald’s or at the Imo’s Pizza that is right there in Parkade Plaza.

After prom, you might head over to Steak Na�� Shake for a steak-burger and a hand dipped shake. Or, you could stop in at iHop on Conley Road for a large stack of pancakes or the Texas Toast with eggs.

This is Battle’s first ever senior prom so make sure it is as memorable as possible. So, Class of 2015, make sure you show up on May 2 at 8:00 PM.