A Guy’s Guide to Prom

Paige Ellis, Staff Member

Preparing for prom, more often than not, revolves around the girl. A guy can get left in the dust, ringing his date’s doorbell in utter confusion the night of prom. But prom is just as important to the guy. This is your chance to look your best, to be your date’s right-hand man and that memorable prom date she’s been dreaming of. Many girls have dreamed of their prom dress, but all of the glam and plans can be a little daunting for a guy’don’t fret. Here are some helpful tips that can make your senior prom memorable for you and your date.

The “promposal” (an elaborate invitation to prom) has been gathering steam in recent years. In these sometimes dramatic endeavors, a guy really needs confidence. Don’t send mixed signals, be confident, and have a plan. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but make it meaningfula��public or private, it will make her feel special and start your role as the prom date.

A corsage is a must, surprise her with the arrangement but make sure you know her dress color and style. Leave the rest up to the florist. Her dress color also comes into play when it comes to your tux. Don’t suggest colors, just go with hers: nothing says power couple like matching on prom night. You can opt for rental when it comes to your tux. This will save you money and time, and with many color choices and styles, you’ll look sharp.

Chivalry is not dead yet. Be polite to her mom, shake her dad’s hand, and don’t complain when they ask for four times as many pictures as you expected. The pictures parents take will be the best memento that you have. Live in the moment by staying off your cell phone throughout the night. Make your date feel special by saving your Instagram post for the next day and by not snapping any other ladies.

As for the actual dance, do what feels comfortable. A slow dance or two might make your date happy, but don’t be afraid to suggest sitting it out (it could be in the best interest of her feet). Remember to hang out with both your and her friends, a compromise can make your night perfect. Balance your time between your date and your friends. Don’t ditch your date, take her with you to talk to your friends. Take lots of pictures, you will remember the night for the rest of your life.

Just remember: have fun, take risks, dance if you want to, don’t be shy, avoid breaking the bank, and hang out with friends. Don’t tell yourself you’re going to hate it before the night happens, that’s one way to have a bad night. Go in with high hopes and good things will come. Most of all, remember, this is your senior prom, too.