Rad Fads’ Summer Edition

Fashion tips for the summer

Hannah Dietzel, Yearbook Editor

I’ve seen a great change this year when it comes to young ladies stepping it up into a women’s heel. Even fourteen year olds are getting the hint these days by not tying their over large tee’s with a scrunchie to make it look tighter. People are sticking with a more modern, classy look. Follow these easy steps to always know you are on your top game this summer.

Tribal print is back again. This summer, girls are throwing a bohemian-look to things with colorful dresses, multiple bracelets, crochet see-through crop tops and fringe everything. . This look is made for people who want to be super cute all the time, but are too lazy to get up early and dress up. This way, you just slip on a cute dress and some sandals and you are good to go!

Wondering what to wear with these cute dresses? A bold statement necklace is still fashionably elegant and wonderful to wear with tight dresses for a good Friday night out. But, for the new laid back bohemian look, dangly necklaces are where it’s at. The gladiator sandals are finally out and stylish wedges are in, which just adds on to that eclectic look we are trying to go for.

Wear colors like tan, brown, white and black to bring out that natural summer skin tone we’ve worked so hard for. Floral is coming back in a more sophisticated way, while being worn with a solid color to compliment it. White is a great color to wear to bring out your summer tan; white crochet dresses are this summer’s best feature. Nothing makes you feel prettier than a complimentary dress to show off your figure. Unless, it’s a little black dress for your nights out, which will always be acceptable.

“Baby got back” these days, where all the girls are stylina�� low cut dresses and shirts to show off their backs. This is a sleek, sexy look for teens to experiment with. This summer is going to be hot and the less clothes the better. High-waisted shorts are still in, and they probably will be for a while, considering the bleached, ripped ones are so darn cute.

Make sure to get the best swim suits and short shorts this summer, and have fun while looking rad!


Mariah Brisco styles a flowy top, statement necklace, and strap sandals
Mariah Brisco styles a flowy top, statement necklace, and strap sandals