The Halls Are Alive With the Sound of Music


Noah Doolady, Writer and Photographer

Last Friday, Battle started what students hope to become a long tradition of musical Fridays. Students rushed to the commons with excitement for something more than the usual Bosco Sticks. When I heard the faint, yet unmistakable beat of Silento’s Watch Me, I knew something was up.

Heading towards the commons, the music got louder and louder, this time Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Upon entering I saw junior Z e Morrow manning a table marked “DJ Song requests” while simultaneously advertising for the music club, Battle Academy of Rock. Students at C lunch seemed hesitant and almost embarrassed to get up and dance to the music, but once students Michael Matthews and Jessica Caraker lined up to dance to V.I.C’s Wobble, a dozen other students followed.

Even Mr. Mccarthy and Mr. Alvis joined in on the action. Half the cafeteria gathered in front of the vending machines dancing and waving iPads high in the air, trying to document the energetic spectacle before them.

Sophomore Carlie Burke thinks Music Friday is “a lot of fun, I think that it [Music Friday] brings the student body together as one, like, “We Battlea��, you know? We’re battling together!”

Ms. Bennett was also a fan of the new Friday tradition, stating, “I love it! I was very much an advocate for it [Music Friday]. It is energizing for the kids and it makes everyone want to stay here for lunch and not go other places, which I think is awesome.”

Before Friday, an entire congregation of teenagers doing the “Dougie” is something I could only imagine happening in a Lifetime movie special, yet it was happening in my very school. It felt refreshing to see my peers let loose and bring such positivity to the sometimes stressful environment of high school.

After everyone warmed up to the music, C Lunch was dancing and singing down to 1:05 where, ironically, The Final Countdown closed out lunch. Music during lunch periods will continue throughout the remainder of the school year.