Rad Fads: Summer Sensations

Hannah Dietzel, Yearbook Editor

Before school let out last year I wrote a story about the upcoming summer fashions. I predicted that fringe and crochet tops will take the summer by storm. They did, but I was highly surprised and impressed when I saw what else people were doing with their looks this summer. The 70’s style came back with high waisted jeans, wide bottom yoga pants, flowery hair pieces, and old school tee’s. It seems as if we keep going back in time and to bring those amazing styles back to life. I’m super proud to see the girls here at Battle stepping out of the box and wearing the things that they want, not just wearing what everyone else is. So keep dying your hair weird colors and remember, you are never wearing enough jewelry.

I’m guessing everyone got the memo about hotter weather: less is better. Backless shirts and short dresses were definitely a game changer this summer. It gave us girls a chance to show off our new shoulder tattoos and golden tans. If you’re more conservative about your body during the summer, try a kimono. It’s like a cardigan but with lighter, more heat-friendly material. They come in exotic prints, so try this new fad with a plain tank top or crop top. Speaking of crop tops, they are never going out of style. Maxi skirts go perfectly with a plain colored crop top. While your stomach might be showing, your legs are completely covered which gives out a good balance of skin and grace.

Whatever you wear this year, wear it with pride and always remember to do your own thing!