A Snapshot of Photography


Marc Chauvin, Reporter

Art is a transformative way to express yourself. Photography is a form of art that transforms your artistic style, it transforms how you see and perceive the world.

Battle High School has a really successful photography program. Students have won awards through the teachings they have gotten from Mrs. Spriggs.

“Photography is a way to express yourself and a way to transform who you are. It makes you develop your artistic abilities,” Spriggs said.

Photography is much more then point and shoot. Photography is spending hours in the dark room because dodging and burning isn’t cooperating. Photography is destroying your film by exposing it to light, which is by far the most damaging thing you can do to film, in order to solarize your photo. Photography is taking a brush and painting on developer or splattering it onto photo paper.

“My favorite thing in photography is pulling a photo out of the wash bath and realizing that the amount of work I put into it had made the perfect photo,” Shana York, a photography II student said.

Once you have taken your photo you have to go into the dark room to expose it onto photo paper and develop it into a photo. Once the pictures have been taken on the film camera and the film has dried, kids usually spend two or more class periods in the dark room trying to perfect their photo.

“Once you discover photography, you start to find yourself in the darkroom more often and then by the end of the year, you’re fully engrossed in photography. Like you took a nose dive into something and fell in love with it,” Lauren Hagar, a Photography I student, said.

Photography is a way to express yourself, transform yourself, and discover. Discover interesting places you never thought you would go. Discover places that make perfect photos but you would never need to be there any other way. Photography is art and art is the easiest way of expressing or showing the world something.