TEDx Recap


Adrian Maddox, Reporter

April 22nd Battle High School held a successful TEDx event in the school’s performing arts center. The event started at 9:00 with the superintendent of Columbia public schools, with the topic of “La��Dor Va Dor: From Generation to Generation.”

First hour held much variety in the talks, from self image to global health. The schedule was changed, bringing Curtis Taylor into the first hour line up. Taylor’s “Being Big Matters” brought a great amount of talk on to the event’s twitter conversation. The first hour was finished, and awoken by Joel Hess’s “The Beats That Define Me.” Using a marimba and a snare drum, Hess described how his career in percussion has gotten him through tough life situations.

Second hour quickly commenced after a small break with food journalist, Donna Battle Pierce’s “Food and Family Stories.” Pierce brought a story close to home about Muriel Williams Battle. The second block stories were completed with Brevinn Tyler’s “How to Escape the Tunnel” where Tyler discussed getting through youth with total control.

Third block started after a five minute break with the the signature TEDx commercial. Hayden Elder took the stage with a talk called “where does it start?” Where he goes deep into the meaning and start of things. Jordan Belvnka brought humor to physics and its meaning to him. The hour ended with one of the Peace Frame Productions film producer who showed the insides and makings of Battles TEDx commercial, followed by a Q and A.

The final hour of talks kicked off with community member, Matt Bennett on involuntary thoughts given from the morals passed from people we’re close to. Last block was closed mainly to the self change category with Adele Dorman’s talk about faith called “Growing up Faithless.” To end the talks a duo was given by Ben Peng and Tatiana Winters with “Self-actualization”

The event ended with a “thank you” from teachers involve with the volunteering behind the scenes. Overall the TEDx event ended on a good note, which was evident under the battle TEDx tag on Twitter.