Senior Activities: Good or Bad?


Ross Terry

With graduation less than a month away, the excitement is rising. Seniors are making the final push to
raise their grades and prepare for finals. Among all this, Battle High School has some activities planned
for the seniors.

On May 19th, the Senior Picnic is being held at Stephens Lake Park. Starting at noon, it will last until 4.
There will be field games, such as football, and free food. This is all taking place the day before
graduation, which is poor timing. First the picnic, then the big day of gradation and right after that, an all
night senior party. Why are all these events in rapid succession? Students with jobs will have to request
off three days in a row just to attend all these events.

The Senior All Night Party starts Saturday night at 11PM and doesn’t end until Sunday morning at 5AM.
Sure, there is a small possibility of winning a Mac or a kayak, but the odds are not in your favor.
And let’s not forget the actual graduation day. There is a mandatory rehearsal at 8 in the morning. The
actual graduation is not until 6 that evening.

One senior doesn’t plan on attending either the picnic or the party. Richard said that, even though he
would like to go, it isn’t easy considering he has work those days. Also, he doesn’t feel there is any need
to go because only seniors are there and none of his junior, sophomore, and freshman friends can attend.

Even though it is a great idea, the events should be spread out over a longer period of time. For the
students that have nothing holding them back from attending, have fun. Enjoy the little time left you have in high school and don’t get distracted from the more important things.