2016 Annual Battle of The Bands

Roxy Garcia, Reporter

The annual Academy of Rock-Battle of the Bands event is coming up next Monday, May 2. There will be around eight bands competing with three judges and an audience of friends, family, and community members.The event will take place at a local venue, The Bridge located downtown at 7:00pm. There will be a $5.00 cover charge.

The judges of the event are all long time musicians and big names in Columbia’s community. This year’s judges will be, Jesse Garcia, Tim Hansen, and Phylshawn Johnson.DarkroomRecords.weebly.com

Battle of the Bands is strictly a high school student event. All members competing have to be in high school, one band struggled with this. Better Than Last typically plays with their singer who is not a member of CPS. However they’ll be playing an interesting set this year, using audio tracks and no singer so they can compete.

“When Levi and I started this band, our ultimate goal was to create a unique set for Battle of the bands.” says Mackenzie Thomas, promoter for Darkroom Records, Academy of Rock, and member of competing band, Better Than Last, and Hickman High school junior.

“I love how Battle of the Bands brings us all together for the love of music and every one of the bands are supporting each other.” Thomas said.

Last year’s winners, Devastated Vibes got a chance to record an album at Darkroom Records, Columbia Public Schools free recording studio. This year’s winners will receive free Roots na�� Blues tickets.


photo from- DarkroomRecords.weebly.com