Sports Video Games Review 2015-2016

Batkhuleg Battur, Reporter

The 2015-16 stock of sports video games has been dropping hot, new content for fans to play like they’re actually on the field or the court. The graphics are intriguing and eye catching; when you play the games it always feel like you never want to give up your controller to the next person.


NBA 2K16

The 2K franchise of basketball has kept improving the graphics to make the gameplay feel smoother and more fluid. Because for most basketball games like 2K’s rival NBA LIVE, also catching up to do better than 2K, but they have a long way to go. The designers and creators wanted to add a special movie in the “MyCareer” game mode, and it is the most popular decision in 2K history. In “MyCareer, players can create their own player and control him during their NBA journey. Spike Lee directed the story mode and created the background cut scenes that the game has. It adds more of what the game of basketball should be, adding the story of a D1 recruit college player moving onto the NBA Draft. Along side “MyCareer,” there are modes such as “Blacktop,” “MyTeam,” “Quick Game,”and “Franchise Mode.” 2K also implements weekly updates on each mode if actual teams’ rosters change. The updates are quick too, they come as soon as the acquisition had been completed.



Ever since Odell Beckham Jr.’s insane mid-air, three finger catch against the Cowboys, Madden changed the mechanics for their virtual wide receivers’ catches. There are three different catching mechanics that are brand new: Position Catch, Run After Catch, and Aggressive Catch. Each catch plays a different roles in the game and adds more emphasis to the receivers than previous Madden games. The Aggressive Catch is used the most, especially when playing online and your opponent keeps using deep Hail Mary’s. It only works if there is a lob pass and the defense is using man to man or one on one coverage. It only works if the receiver has decent catching and jumping attributes, and an Aggressive Catch can also be stopped if the defender either plays the receiver or the ball. Madden also takes height matches into account, and if the defender is shorter than the receiver then he can always make the catch. Madden also added a new game mode called Draft Champions. In the mode players have 15 rounds to draft the best team possible, but can only choose one out the three players seen per round. It is a complex decision making process that the game’s developers wanted to put players through. After playing all the games and not losing, Madden rewards players a rewards pack full of high overrated players. Ultimate team is a very popular mode and that’s being overshadowed by Draft Champions. The Madden season soon is coming to an end and fans are patiently waiting for Madden 17 to come out in stores this year, so check both NBA 2K16 and Madden NFL 16!