Say Hello to Mr. Ellison

Say Hello to Mr. Ellison

Batkhuleg Battur, Reporter

Atiyyah Ellison is the funniest and most animated staff member at Battle. Go give him a high five or just spark up a conversation, and you will be on your way to a new friendship. He’s a former NFL lineman, an he played from teams like the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, San Fransisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers and so on.

When Ellison was with the Jaguars, he played 15 games and started at defensive tackle position. He deflected one pass, finished with 16 tackles, and fought through the offensive line for career high one sack on the season.

Life in the NFL was tough for him, so he quit playing professional and decided to coach young people to follow his path like Jerrion Nelson.

On his second year assistant coaching, he led Battle’s defensive line to their first state championship in 2014. It’s a moment Ellison says he won’t ever forget, “Players giving all their efforts and it all paid off.”

Whenever it’s time for Ellison to retire, the tough journey he’d experienced would always follow him in his dreams.

Sooner or later Battle should honor Coach Atiyyah Ellison a plaque on the school hall of fame that he’s by far the greatest staff member that the school ever had, his time working with young adults influenced them to choose the right path in life and always work for your dreams as what Ellison would say as his motto.