All State Awards

Natalie Tiffany, Writer and Photographer

In the realm of football there is one team to rule them all, and that’s all-state. Few of high school football players possess the skills required, making an all-state player as rare as winning the lottery. This year Battle has a talented draw, with not one but four players making the cut.

On December 4 every football coach in Missouri came together for an all-state meeting to decide which athletes should win the class five all-state awards for their positions. Thousands of players were reviewed for a total of eight positions.

Battle football coach Justin Conyers saw how challenging it is for a player to receive this award after sitting in on the meeting, and was thrilled his players had what it takes.

Conyers stated “I am very proud of these guys, this award is a great accomplishment and honor that speaks volumes of their play throughout the season.”

Battle football players Jaevon McQuitty and Jerrion Nelson were selected for the class five all state first team award, and Brevinn Tyler and Darrion Hall were selected for the class five all state second team.

Junior quarterback Brevinn Tyler has qualified for all- state before but wants to pursue another recognition this year stating, “This football season I made it my goal to win an all state award for the quarterback position.”

Like Tyler, wide receiver Jaevon McQuitty had his own ambitions for junior year football season. Receiving the all- state award has been on his mind since his first steps on the field.

McQuitty said, “It was a goal I had since my sophomore year. When I saw that JRock and Rovon got the award I made it my goal for Junior year, so I was proud of my achievement.”

The hard work of McQuitty and his teammates paid off as the coaches of Missouri made their goals reality. In the last two years Battle’s football team has won two district titles and a state title, and now claims four all-state recipients.