Academy Rocks Opening

Noah Doolady, Writer and Photographer

This February, Battle Academy of Rock celebrated the official opening of Darkroom Records at The Social Room. Musicians from Battle, Rock Bridge, and Hickman took turns performing in front of peers and family, bravely displaying their musical ability on stage.

By merely walking into the venue the audience knows they are in for a good time. Located in an old 1920’s speakeasy, the interior of the Social Room reeked of cool with vintage decor and architecture. To even enter the club one must give the password, walk through a vintage hair salon, then push open a hidden door. The venue was packed by the time the first act walked on stage. There was barely room to walk around, but everyone agreed the show was 100% worth any discomfort. With food and drink available, everyone seemed to have a great time at the show.

Darkroom Records is a janitor’s closet turned recording studio located in Hickman High School where musicians of the Battle Academy of Rock, along with other CPS groups, have devoted countless hours of their free time to creating professional recordings of their music. A notable group who performed late into the evening was Levi Hager’s pop-punk band, “Better Than Last” whose lively set got the crowd moving with a throwback cover of the Jonas Brothers hit song “S.O.S”. A CD was a hot item available for purchase at the event which showcased all of the performers music recorded in the Darkroom.

Community members, teachers, and students all banded together (no pun intended) to celebrate the miraculous talent of young people. One sponsor of the program spoke about the expansion of music in high school, saying that while show choir and band are important and valid, new and exciting expressions through music should also be taught in public school.

This secretive performance was a complete hit within a community and school that contains so much individuality and talent. Battle Academy of Rock is already an impressively popular club, but after this event they are due to gain some additional members. The showcase of performers at the Social Room was a must see, so make sure to watch out for any future events put on by Battle’s harmonious Academy of Rock.