Music Review #3

Madalynn Owens, Yearbook Editor

Rapping Happy Camper: Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen recently embarked on his new tour Happy Camper after the release of his album boasting the same name. With multiple sold out shows across the United States, and a stop at The Blue Note, Hoodie Allen is definitely something to talk about. Born Steven Markowitz in Long Island, he released his 4th studio album in February. Allen has been popular among avid music fans long before Happy Camper. His unique ability of rapping and being able to sing the chorus is a rare feat in the rap genre. His most popular songs to date are “No Interruptions” and “No Faith in Brooklyn.” The songs address his many love interests and his swift rise to success. Happy Camper seems to touch more upon deeper subjects similar to the song “Intro to Anxiety” but maintains the playful vibe from his earlier era with hits like “Are U Having Any Fun”. Allen is the perfect soundtrack to those days where you feel radiant and carefree.

James Bay Bridges Folk and Rock

James Bay recently released his new album Chaos and the Calm, which has shortly resulted in sold out venues and multiple awards. At first listen Bay resembles a folk and indie vibe, yet gospel at the same time. His hits, “Hold Back the River” and “Let It Go” have fans comparing him to mega-star Ed Sheeran. In many of his he writes of wanting to move on and get out of the small British town he was born in. Bay said in an interview response to his song “Scars” that it took him two years to write about his girlfriend moving to another country. “Scars” is a fan favorite, with a local artist on the rise feeling. His upbringing on rock and roll certainly carries into his own music, with an undying passion and exquisite voice is sure to dazzle all new listeners.