Olivia Childs

Rachel Godbey , Punny Journalist

The year is 2016. Fashion trends take deep turns, sharp cuts, and bold prints. Anyone can see these new dos and don’ts of fashion just by taking a glance over Battle High School. But where do young women or men draw the line of how much they spend on their new threads?

American Eagle, H&M, Altered State, Target, Buckle, Dicks, Victoria’s Secret, and Charlotte Ruse are just a few stores that teens these days shop at. The stores have prices that can make a wallet swoon or sink. Is the label really worth it? These are just examples of clothing stores while on the southern region of the human body, specific shoes are all the new rage. With the classic UGGS, Air Jordans, newly in Birkenstocks, colorful Chacos, and last but not least Kanye West’s original brand, Yeezys which the average price per pair is over $900.


Baylee Eckles, Olivia Childs, Esmeralda Loredo, Brett Henry, and Nick Schulde all sport their spring time favorites. These students show off their favorite articles of clothing.


Baylee Eckles a sophomore who also plays volleyball, pulls off the light washed tight jeans with sandals and a delicate lace detailed tank top. Her anklet hanging on her ankle tying in her clean cut white sandals.


Olivia Childs, a sophomore at Battle HIgh School displays her personality with funky mustard yellow high rise shorts. Her band tee compliments the striped cardigan sweater. Olivia dabbles in the arts with painting and her outfit shows her chill personality.


Esmeralda Loredo a junior, and a top student at Battle High School, who is in the acting class demonstrates the perfect spring outfit. Wearing a striped shirt that has a hint of maroon, that pulls in her lipstick. Her simply jewelry, and belt allows the eye to focus on her ripped jeans. Ending the outfit off with all black shoes.


Brett Henry sets new hip

trends with his black DIY jean shorts. His all black footwear ties in the black of his hat and his flannel. The bright graphic tee adds the perfect pop of design to the rather laid back outfit.


Finally Nick Schlude yet another sophomore at Battle High School. Schlude rocks the classroom and the baseball field as an infielder, reps the soft baby blue polo with the simple khaki shorts. Schlude’s worn in tan brown Sperrys give his preppy style a splash of his easy going personality.
All of these students have one thing in common, a bright and happy smile, saying without words that if a person just wears what they want to wear, brand name or not, and they feel comfortable and confidant, they can rock just about anything!