Are Guns The Real Issue?

Ross Terry

Some claim it’s the environment. Some say it’s a physiological issue. Some say it’s video games
and issues of this generation. Of course, they’re all correct in some way.

Already, 4,186 deaths have occurred in 2016 involving guns. 783 were accidental shootings. 504
happened in defensive measures. 1,084 adolescence under the age of 18 have already been
killed or injured.

Understandably, gun control is a huge topic of debate. Groups are calling for guns to be banned,
while others are declaring the opposite. Both sides have great arguments.
However, why ban the gun when the people controlling them are the problem? Do guns have a
mind of their own? Do they point themselves at people and pull their own trigger? I don’t think
so. That would be like banning knives because they can stab people or banning water because it
drowns people.

So why ban guns whenever that isn’t the issue? Instead, let’s focus on what makes the guns
shoot. The person holding it. Obviously, something caused them to pull the trigger. Maybe it is a
mental issue or it was in self defense.

Whatever it was, it’s not the guns fault. The gun didn’t make the horrible decision to shot someone. People need to look at the real cause of shootings and don’t blame it on an inanimate object.