Teacher of the Month

Neila Bates, Reporter

mrs smith


Mrs. Smith has been an employee of Battle High School since the doors opened. We’ve elected Melissa Smith for teacher of the month at Battle High School. Mrs. Smith describes herself as a busy mom, weird (in a good way), talkative, and likable. When asked why she wanted to teach she said,


“I wanted to be able to talk about books for the rest of my life.”


Mrs. Smith loves her students and says her students are her motivation. When it comes to the relationships with her students Mrs. Smith lives for them, her relationships are also genuine because she’s stays 100% honest with all of her students. The way she put it was “getting on their level.”


She also said “the connections aren’t optional they’re essential.”


When asked what she could be found doing other than teaching she said “reading, writing, skating, talking, or eating something delicious.” Mrs smith does roller derby, yoga, and loves to read and listen to music. She is also quite the intellectual so if you’re looking for an insightful conversation Mrs. Melissa Smith is your gal.


Mrs. Smith has an English degree from University Of Missouri and although she didn’t plan on being a teacher she said “it only took about two days to realize this is what I wanted to do forever.” Mrs. Smith is married, has 3 kids and 2 dogs and loves them all with a passion. When asked what it means to be an employee at our phenomenal school she responded with


“It is important for students to have every opportunity to learn everything they can so that they can make good choices for themselves, and succeed in life as they define success.”


All of these things make Mrs. Smith a phenomenal teacher and we thank her for all of the smiles and advice over the years.