There’s A New Coach In Town


Brian Meny (boys basketball) and Natalia Koryzna (volleyball)

The end of the 2015/16 boys basketball season concluded a rather disappointing year. Only 4 wins and lots of defeats. But no wins in 2016. However there’s a new coach in town who’s willing to fix that problem. His name is Brian Meny.

Coach Meny is excited and happy to be here at Battle, and he’s confident enough to improve our boys basketball program from bad to good.

He notices that there’s a lot of fast and athletic guys on the team and his team offense is up-tempo and be able to attack the basket for lay ups.

The entire team is glad that there’s a new coach, but they can’t just sit back and act like it’s going to be an easy season. “To be successful, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done,” Meny says.

After coach moved in, he notices that Battle is big, hallways filled with kids and he rarely sees his basketball players. Meny also teaches PE and health as his only two teaching jobs.

Looking back to his coaching career at another school, he experienced 22 great years of player progression. In 2004 he won a state championship, 12 district titles, and 37 kids who are currently playing college basketball. He has one player who’s playing professional basketball in Europe and he’s one of the best in European League.

After winning a state title, Meny won’t forget any of those precious memories that sticks to his mind. “Can’t take away a state title.”

After making the final roster, Meny wants to have variety of short, quick, tall, strong, and big players. It’s all about finding a good fit and not have a team full of point guards or big men. Coach will separate the roster into varsity and junior varsity (JV). He will also see how much work they are trying to put in and how much time they’ll use to get better, still coach expects more work from the JV players and he wants to train them harder for them to play varsity. “You may not be the best player to start out with, but you can end out to be a great player,” as Meny explains his motto.

Coach uses and watches game film with the team to work on anything the players need to improve their game. After games, coach goes over the plays that were successful and points out mistakes that have been made. He discusses how all the poor choices on the court can be fixed.

Meny expects his players to not have any disciplinary issues on and off the court. “They have to get to class, get their grades and no tardies,” Meny says.

Outside of basketball, Meny loves hanging out with his family. Sometimes he goes to the lake and fish with his kids and he won’t miss any games that his kids play for.

All in all, it’s going to be a great season and a great year for our boys basketball program.




This year when the Battle volleyball girls walked into the gym, they knew they were going to meet their fourth new coach. The volleyball program has struggled with keeping a coach and it was starting to take a toll on the girls, that is until coach Natalia Koryzna showed up.

Last season the girls volleyball team ended with a winning record of most wins of any previous season. In that same season they were deemed city champs, beating Hickman and Rock Bridge, and placed second at districts. But even after their most successful year the volleyball team was left with no head coach.

Koryzna is unlike any coach the team has ever had. Her list of coaching references is long

and includes playing professional in Poland, coaching division 2 in Long Island and St. Louis, coaching multiple club teams of varying ages, and owning her own club team.

When asked what inspires her to coach, Koryzna responded saying “Seeing improvement. Seeing these girls grow as people, not just athletes, and teaching them life lessons.”

Volleyball captain Michaela Karrick describes the impact the new coach has had on the team: “She’s changed us by helping us and actually understanding the game. We learn things in a positive way and she creates a better foundation and stronger bond.”

A stronger bond is exactly what the team needs this year if they want to advance in district matches, a goal that the team still hopes to accomplish.

The current record of the team proves that something must be working. With four wins and no losses the season is off to a great start and the coach is ready for more wins ahead of the season.

“Volleyball is who I am,” says Koryzna, “it’s a lifestyle.” As a coach who cites volleyball as a way of life and focuses on pushing her players to be great athletes as well as responsible and talented people, she is a coach who Battle Volleyball can rely on.