Club Day


Olivia Childs and Esmeralda Loredo are happy and proud to represent FBLA! (Photographed by Batkhuleg Battur)



Batkhuleg Battur, Reporter

In school, there are tons of students who are enrolled in after school activities such as clubs and sports. Many students don’t know anything about clubs, but they know a lot about sports. The main focus is how clubs here at Battle can influence students to join. That is by far the hardest thing that club sponsors are trying to do. On September 14, 2016, Battle hosted a club day to let students know what clubs are available, and what clubs they are interested in joining. There was tons of information being handed out. Indeed it was an awesome day, everyone had fun meeting different club sponsors, some clubs brought information sheets and snacks to welcome newcomers. There are clubs such as National Honors Society, ACT Prep, AVID, and Model United Nations that help with academic support which are good to add on a resume, as it can potentially lead to scholarships. Also arts and entertainment are among Battle’s popular activities, such as joining a band on Academy of Rock, watch anime cartoons at Anime club, act out a play in Drama club and be apart of the true/false film festival. If there’s anything that does not seem enjoyable after school, then why not join a club, be involved in school activities to let your name be heard.