Kodak Black Music Review

Batkhuleg Battur, Reporter

If you are interested in listening to some rap music, Kodak Black has some brand new, fresh rap music that the whole world is listening to. Black became famous by releasing music that carried attention. His style of music is rare in the rap world, as not all rappers start out that good. However Black has the tendency to get people to listen to his music.

On his recent album “Lil Bic Pac,” he designed a cover similar to Biggie Smalls’ “Ready to Die” except that the baby is photoshopped with Black’s head. Biggie Smalls is one of his role models and all time favorite rapper. The music on the album sounds similar, but the background beat is a bit different like how rap used to be in the 90s.

“Like Dat” and ” No Flockin” are one of his top songs and they both have an up beat tempo. It gets you hyped up for sports games and it has that serious mood theme. Many record producers would give him 4 stars for it and Black was living the dream.

It became a nightmare when Black was sentenced to jail for two misdemeanor drug charges and has to serve new jail time of 120 days. He previously served for more than that. After the sentence, Black will be released from jail. His old recording deal was cancelled, so now has to find a new one. Other than that Kodak Black needs to focus on writing his music and stay away from drugs, otherwise he will serve for 2-4 years in prison.