Battle’s second TEDx event


Adrian Maddox, Reporter

Battle is eager to begin the process of bringing another individually hosted Ted event. This will be the second Tedx event to be brought to Battle. Auditions for the school’s second event begin September 15th and September 16th .

Last year Battle High School hosted the first Tedx event at a Columbia high school. The success from last year’s event has caused for the return of a Tedx individually hosted event. “It was huge, we put a lot of heart and soul into the event last year,” Jordan Smith, teacher and one of the Tedx organizers describes the success from last year’s event said.

Tedx website advertises the organization as “ideas worth spreading” through powerful presentations under 18 minutes. Talks are divided into three story types: technology, entertainment, and design; however, stories contents are much more varied than the named categories.

Rebecca Archer, a student speaker from last year’s talks describes why she joined the talk comity, “I think what I have to say can be impactful, in some way, shape or form.”

In contrast, the speakers from last year did not have to audition because of the small amount of participants and people who had knowledge of the event.

Smith believes this year will be a great year for talks, with more advertisement for the auditions: “With four total times to try out, that’s great, that gives a lot of flexibility.”

Tedx Battle will occur some time in spring; however, Battle students will intently wait for the individually hosted event.