Music Review: DJ Khaled

Batkhuleg Battur, Reporter

DJ Khaled has been known for his famous work in the music industry and fan entertainment on snapchat. He released his new album Major Key and it has been a success for him. In that album, Khaled talks about what key is major and he uses his famous lines such as “another one” to describe his sense of music to another level. His fans love him and he is getting tons of support from them, and without the fans DJ Khaled wouldn’t live a successful music career. Songs such as “I got the keys” and “do you mind” inspire people to get hyped up, and making them dance to it, and Khaled has the sense of urgency to repeat the same words over and over again. Once people starts listening to Khaled’s music, the habit won’t stop and the number of fans will increase, as his popularity takes over the world. So if there’s any good DJ out there that’s making the best music, he is DJ Khaled.