Dear Darla

Darla, Advice column

Dear Darla,

I have to go to the Career Center in the middle of my class every other day. I’m missing about 40ish minutes of class. How can I keep up with all the assignments, homework, and coursework that I miss?

Sincerely, Hopelessly Confused


Dear Hopelessly Confused,

That’s unfortunate that you have to miss a lot of a class every other day, that must be aggravating. I would recommend a couple options. Option one, talk to your counselor to see if there is any way to move the class you have to leave to a different hour. Option two, meet with the teacher and have a one on one with him or her and explain your situation and see if you can come into their class for Spartan Time everyday; or if you have a study hall, ask the teacher if it would be alright to meet them during your study hall, also try coming in before or after school. Now on to the critical matter about what to do about the work you’re missing. From personal experience I’d recommend having a few “buddies” in that class that can tell you what you missed and how to do whatever assignment that you missed. I would highly recommend having more than one friend to fall back on so if that person was gone you aren’t scrambling around to find out what you are missing and how to do it.

Another thing you might try is having a separate calendar for this class so you can focus on due dates for assignments and test dates.

Sincerely, Darla