Dear Darla

Dear Darla , Advice column

Dear Darla,
How do I find out if a boy likes me?
Sincerely, Young Love

Dear Young Love,
How it warms my heart that you would write in to get an answer. I have three steps on how you can reach your goal and find out if a boy likes you or not.

Step 1:
Start a conversation with him. Don’t be shy, you can start a conversation with him. Don’t be afraid to get to know him.

Step 2:
If you already know the person because maybe y’all had mutual friends and y’all may have began to talk to each other during class and in the hallways but not yet got to the texting stage. You can definitely use this move:
“Hey can I see your phone?” (Remember, Young Love, you must say this in a calm way or he’ll think something is wrong and won’t give you his phone.) After you get his phone, put your number in it and put a cute emoji next to it. Then send a text to yourself on his phone to start the conversation.

Step 3:
When you get home text him. Now you might be asking, “What should I text him?” I would recommend starting with “hey, what’s up?” or even simply “hey.” Personally, I like to start the

conversation because then I can control how it starts. Then once you feel things are going well, ask him if he’d like to hang out, and give a couple suggestions like maybe going to the movies or an arcade. It’s completely up to you.

I’m going to completely honest with you and to everyone else that is reading this: friends are the best to have around you and sometimes they give you just a little extra push and a bit more confidence. If they tell you to talk to him, go ahead and do it. It will release a bunch of tension plus you would be taking a huge step and showing yourself that you can overcome your nerves and fears. Hopefully you take my advice and possibly your friendsa��. You can do it! Go and get yourself a man!