Road To Recovery

Roxy Garcia, Reporter

Trevor Dubinski, a Battle student, was found unconscious on October 28th. He was taken to Women’s and Children’s Hospital and placed in PICU and has since returned home to convalesce. Dubinski’s family is raising funds so they may focus on his recovery.

He has been diagnosed with the Epstein Barr virus that causes Mono. His body had a very rare reaction to this virus which caused his immune system to go into overdrive and attack the virus and his brain. He has been diagnosed with encephalopathy,” Heidi Murphy Moen stated on the Dubinski Family Fund GoFundMe page.

According to, encephalopathy is “a general term describing a disease that affects the function or structure of your brain.”

Dubinski went into a coma for several days. Upon his wake, he has undergone many therapy sessions.

J’den Cox, an Olympic bronze medalist wrestler and a Hickman High School alum, visited Dubinski in the hospital. He gave Dubinski a pair of shoes and allowed him to try on his bronze medal. In an instagram post, Dubinski called it, “the best moment of his life.”

Dubinski is now home, focusing on recovery.

“He has weeks and months of therapy ahead,” said Heidi Murphy Moen on the Dubinski Family Fund GoFundMe page in the most recent update.

According to the GoFundMe page, Dubinski is doing well and the family is very thankful for every donation and good wish they have received.

Donations to help with Dubinski’s recovery can be made at the following web address: