The Hidden Gem


Adrian Maddox, Reporter

After a season that began in the summer heat of July, the Battle High School Marching Band ends with freezing fall in October. The season finished after many Friday night football games, and four competitions spread throughout Missouri.

This year the Battle marching band previewed their show “The Golden Spiral,” a show based off the Fibonacci spiral: a mathematical sequence found in all forms of art and life. Erin Hickey, a marching band student, explains how the music connects to the overall idea of the music. “The music was originally called the structure of life and so I think that like the “Golden Spirala�� ties in to the way that life was designed and such” says Hickey.

The season started in the end of July with a two day pre-season camp, followed by a two week camp. Ian Graves, a marching band member, explains the two week premise of the camp. “Pre band camp, where everyone meets each other and we first start doing workouts and stuff” says Graves.

Many members of the band notice differences in previous years in comparison to this year. Hickey says, “There’s a lot more progress since last year, and I think they saw that and put more on us to see how we would do.”

Visually, Graves says the main difference is the importance of props. Graves exclaims, “We have a lot more movement prop wise. Last year we had a lot of sitting props and this year we ran around and marched with poles.”

The Marching band was excited to take home many first place trophies and memorable, team-building experiences. Madison Jackson, a student enrolled in marching band explains her favorite moment. “My favorite, or most memorable time was hanging out with my friends, at CMU sitting under a tree, watching other bands” says Jackson.

Even upon a more successful season, there is still more students want to improve on. Jackson explains what she believes will improve the upcoming year’s performances “I really hate to say this but more practices. We did good this year because we practiced really hard and we took it seriously this year. But I think if we were to have more practices in summer camp, we would do better” she says.

Among the ending of the season, many members are ready for an extended break from 7:00 AM mornings to midnights spent marching fields. However returning band members have all showed their interest in getting back on the field for next season.