Finals Decisions

Olivia Childs, Reporter

The final days before the end of the semester are approaching and with it the season of caffeine-fueled all nighters and cram studying minutes before the big exam. Everything about final exams is filled with dread: the sound of the clock ticking on the wall, GPA hanging in the balance. At Battle, the fall “finals week” used to span four days; now, thanks to Battle’s Executive Council, students only have to bear finals for three days.


Having finals be three days instead of four enables the student body to be stressed for only three days. This new switch also allows for teachers to have more time to finish their content.


Michael Bostwick, teacher of Algebra I and II, says, “The value of the teacher’s curriculum is saved because of the shorter time it takes for finals.”


This time allows for teachers to not only review but also grants their curriculum to have more leverage time.


When having four days for finals, the schedule allowed for enrichment time between finals. During this time students could study for other finals or relax from taking finals. Most teachers would use this time to either have students learn more about their subject or would have unstructured studying. Going to three days instead of four takes away the unproductive enrichment time.


With benefits always come doubts. Taking away the enrichment time does take away students’ extra study time.


Trinity McCoy, a junior who takes three AP classes and 1 honors class, says, “I like how [the exam schedule] is shorter, but I also feel more stressed because of the time that has been taken away.”


In addition, the switch may limit the time for students to present projects and other preparation students may need. The three days of finals instead of four also makes a rigid schedule of testing for students to accommodate to which can cause some confusion and frustration.
A shorter time for finals and exams means winter break is just around the corner, but this will also mean that students have to power through the pain.