Threepeat Champs


Only 52 seconds into the 1st quarter and already Battle put 8 points on the board. The Tyler-Tyler dynamic proves productive once again as senior star quarterback Brevinn Tyler and his wide receiving brother, Dreyton Tyler, connect for the touchdown.


Despite the early enthusiasm, Belton was quick to tie the game with 7:05 left in the quarter. The Battle student section wasn’t bothered though, evident by their loud cheers and eccentric pajama attire. “We’re definitely a second half team” says wide receiver Keondre Whitaker. It’s true, the second half has been good to the Spartans, they came back from a 1 point deficit against Raytown and and having another district title on the line didn’t change the comeback spree. The Spartans left the field at halftime, down by two, but when they came back, the game of back and forth disappeared, and they went on the defeat the Pirates 52-29. That’s 32 points scored only in the second half. Enough points to earn the undefeated team a “three-peat” district championship.


But like any good team, the Spartans still look to improve. Battle suffered many penalties, continuously being pushed back on the field, although even with the setbacks the Spartans kept pushing until they found something that worked.


During this momentous game, Battle revealed a couple new faces. Keondre Whitaker and Xa��Zaviaun Conson showed up to replace wide receiver Jaevon Mcquitty and offensive lineman Wyatt Smith. Whitaker had 81 yards and set up the spartans for a touchdown with a 41 yard catch in the fourth quarter.


Whitaker was proud of his performance but believes “he can still improve for the next game.” Whitaker will be back for the Spartans next game against whoooo where he hopes improve his blocking and decrease the team’s total penalties.


Senior quarterback Brevinn Tyler was ecstatic after the game saying “I’m so excited right now, I probably won’t go to sleep until 3.” Nerves were there for all the players but maybe more for Tyler. Tyler found himself without his usual partner in crime, Jaevon Mcquitty, but found refuge in his other wide receivers Dreyton Tyler and Keiondre Whitaker. “I knew we had guys that could step up and take that spot, and I think that happened today” Tyler says.


Overall Battle played an excellent game that can only be credited to the Spartans resilience and severe dedication. Battle football has made history, which means Battle itself has made history. Every student, teacher, and parent has an impact in the life of a school but Battle football is the hammer to the nail, driving school spirit into everyone.


The only goal now? Beat 52 seconds.