“J-Cole” Music Review


Batkhuleg Battur , Reporter

Jermaine Lamarr Cole aka J. Cole is a famous hip hop artist known for his music that talks about life, the struggles one must face, and his thoughts on how to deal with tough things. Cole is a dependable source for having a hard life due to the fact that he experienced hearing one of his best friends die over the phone. He puts these experiences in his music and rewrites the story in his own way that makes the best vibes as much as he could do. He is wildy successful, producing music that lets his audience know what he’s talking about. Cole’s new album “4 Your Eyez Only” talks all about how life can change and what ways are best to stay out of trouble. He wants to influence young teenagers by promoting a natural vibe, he doesn’t make fake music, the music is truthful and thoughtful to the point where Cole is preaching inside your mind. The album came out in December of 2016, a year of despair and controversy and Cole wanted to try to change the world in the last month of the year to let people know that the new year is going to be better and all past things should not come back, instead new things should come to people and maybe life and humanity can finally get along. Cole is trying his best to make the world a better place and produces music to the best of his ability. He currently lives in his childhood home in Fayetteville North Carolina at 2014 Forest Hills Drive, this address being the title of another famous album he released in 2014. Coles message to his fans is best described with lyrics from his new album saying “If I fall, dust it off and regain myself.”