21 Savage Music Review

Batkhuleg Battur , Reporter

Shayaa Bin Abraham-Joseph or people who know him as 21 Savage is the best breakout rapper out of Atlanta, GA.


People who listen to new rap albums have said that “it sucks” “what kind of BS is this” and “whose mans is this?” When 21 Savage dropped his album “Savage Mode,” people have been turning up to his music. Everything is going right for Savage and he is proud of all of his accomplishments, such as earning himself a platinum record for one of his best hit No Heart which is in the album Savage Mode.


His popularity earned him respect for his fans and his family. People do not talked trash to him unless they hate him. He’s the future of the rap world and people are hoping that he doesn’t do drugs to put his music career in jeopardy.


Savage has multiple tattoos on his body, but he has one on his forehead that pay’s tribute to his late brother, Quantivayus. Savage called him Tayman. They were planning on getting matching tattoos and Tayman decided to get a small knife shaped tattoo on his forehead because it was his idea. Later he was killed in a drug deal, and Savage decided to get the same tattoo as his brother.


For his future albums, Savage has ideas of writing songs about his brother, the streetside corners, and duets with other young rappers such as Lil Yachty and Young Thug. When he raps in a group the turn up levels rise to his veins and 21 Savage is in his prime.