Call to Battle


Adrian Maddox, Reporter

Call to Battle was hosted on Thursday, August 10 on the football field. Various clubs and organizations set up attractions and booths along the track of the stadium and on the turf to advertise and invite new students to their meetings.
The event started with the marching band performing the Battle Fight song, followed by the parade of the school’s sports teams. Adam Taylor, Athletic Director, introduced each fall sport team with some of their accomplishments from the previous year and invited students and parents to their upcoming competitions. After the teams made their way down the football field, the Spartan Sparklers performed a dance to a medley of popular dance songs. Once the team performed their dance, the field was open for visitors to enjoy the variety of activities.
Call to Battle’s attractions bring in many incoming freshmen as it’s the first time most are welcomed and informed about extracurricular activities at the high school.

Koren Mealey, an incoming freshman, describes why he believes Call to Battle is helpful for him as a newcomer to get to know Battle. Mealey says, “Call to Battle tries to get the students and staff to hang out in a relaxed manner; that is good for creating a bond between them.”

From an upperclassmen point of view, Call to Battle is often the time returning students reunite with classmates over the summer as well as an interesting way for returning students to learn about the clubs they overlooked in previous years. Many upperclassmen are introduced with their sports team and stay throughout the event to catch up with their friends and participate in the games.
Maleah Ray, junior, attended the event to volunteer at the Student Council booth to sell t shirts from past Battle events such as Homecoming and Powder Puff. Ray describes the appeal to all students, “You get to look into what clubs we have and what activities, and just see how fun Battle is. [The event is also] for parents to see what’s going on and how good it is.”
Much like previous years, there were inflatable attractions such as a bounce house, a spinning obstacle course, and a giant basketball hoop.
Outside of inflatable attractions, the cheer and dance teams hosted their cake walk, an activity much like musical chairs. Softball pitched up a pitching game, while Student Council sold their leftover shirts from previous year’s events.
Meredith Jones, junior and member of the dance team, describes her favorite part of Call to Battle. Jones explains, “My favorite part is the cake walk, because it’s suspenseful and a cake for $2.”
Some activities at Call to Battle required payment as a fundraiser to the organization behind the activity, but most of the activities were free of charge. Clubs along the track often gave out free candy or snacks when you signed up for the club or provided an email for later notifications about the club. Maleah Ray says after the three years of attending Call to Battle, she still enjoys the free candy and items, possibly her favorite part of the night.
After three hours of entertainment, the night ended with many students eager to start the school year. Battle High School will patiently wait for the next school year to come visit Call to Battle once again.