Vocal Arts Update

Neila Bates, Reporter


With a new year comes new updates and Vocal Arts is gearing up for an enormous concert choir this year.

Apollo, the men’s choir, has nearly doubled in size to an astounding 47 members. Mr. Rucker, the choral director and choir teacher, commented on the increased numbers, “We never close our doors, so whoever wants to join – come on!”

Some returning members of the choir believe that the expansion will boost the performances of the choir.

David Lewis, senior Apollo member, says, “With a larger men’s ensemble we can not only do more complicated pieces but we can also accomplish that thick, robust sound only a men’s choir can achieve.”

Siren Sound and Voices of Sparta are in a similar position with new artists coming in to Siren Sound from Voices of Sparta and to Voices of Sparta from incoming freshman ladies. Sight reading auditions at the end of the year determine which ensemble a choir member places in for the following school year. Lower scorers are placed in Voices of Sparta and higher scorers will be placed in Siren Sound.

Battalion has also increased in size this year. This year for the competition show choir the recruitment process was different. Instead of the director Mr. Rucker casting individuals based on their audition, members from last year’s season partook in the democratic process of voting on who joined for this upcoming season, and who unfortunately did not make the cut.

With all these new additions to Battle Vocal Arts we’re looking forward to an excellent year in the Vocal Arts department.