A Useful Intervention


Zech Shaffer uses his laptop to finish classwork (Joe Magee).

Colten Stone, Managing Editor

Spartan Time is a time for kids to either just enjoy thirty minutes of free time, or go to their classes to do their work and learn concepts that they really are struggling on and need help. Some students have a hard time with finding engaging or beneficial things to do during this time period.

Students on privilege can go to the gym to play basketball or enjoy the outdoors. Upperclassmen are also able to leave school if they have the correct grades (and parent permission), many upperclassmen use this time to have an extended lunch period if they also have A Lunch. Other students visit the Commons or the Media Center to talk and relax with their friends or work independently on homework or projects.

Spartan Time can also be used by the Administrative Team to push out information to students, which is often done during the first weeks of school to remind students about policies.

Throughout the year, Spartan Time can also be used to gather data for surveys such as the Boone County Mental Health Survey to better help students succeed in school.

Many teachers, students, and administrators enjoy the Spartan Time period such as Algebra teacher Samantha Bratcher.

Bratcher says, “I do enjoy Spartan Time, it’s nice to help students with math objectives and review we have learned already. I am able to help to reteach the concepts for students who are struggling with certain objectives.”

In contrast to a teacher’s point of view, students think a lot differently about Spartan Time such as sophomores Sydney Jones and Brynnon Dollinger. Jones says, “I like Spartan Time, most people use it for the social aspect of it, but it is a valuable time for students.”

Dollinger says, “I like it, but I don’t really care for it because the system for Spartan Time is not good. Some kids have bad grades on their IPR when their grade is really not that bad and those kids are getting penalized for no reason.”

Many upperclassmen have a different view on Spartan Time, Damon Crum, a junior, says “I like Spartan Time, I think it’s great because it gives kids the opportunity to get their grades up when they need it and for kids who have privilege, you can leave or do various activities.”

For an administrator’s point of view, Principal Dr. Kim Presko really enjoys Spartan Time for the students. Presko says “It gives the students an opportunity to receive help from their specific teacher, not a study hall teacher. With them doing their work it provides a chill time and relaxation for students who are continuing to grow.”