Dear Darla


Dear Darla, Writer

Q: What can I do to better manage my classes and stay organized? I’m worried that it’s too late to get organized because it’s so late in the yeara��


Dear Unorganized,

It’s never too late in the school year to get organized! First and foremost I would suggest a planner and with a planner comes the habit of writing in your planner and checking it I recommend you check it at least once if not several times a day. Another thing I would suggest is maybe one binder for all your classes or one A day binder and one B day binder.

Another good thing would be to keep your social life updated as well as your academic life, with things like musical rehearsals, sports practices, band or anything else extra you may do. Use your planner that you use for school to make sure you’re always in the loop. You may find that keeping all of your activities scheduled helps you keep everything organized. Good luck unorganized!

Yours truly,