Artist Review – Run the Jewels

Madalynn Owens, Yearbook Editor

Run the Jewels, or RTJ, is a hip-hop duo including El-P (shortened from El Producto) and Killer Mike. They have released three albums: Run the Jewels in 2013, Run the Jewels 2 in 2014, and Run the Jewels 3 in 2016. Recently, they released the single “Mean Demeanor” for the FIFA 18 Soundtrack. RTJ brings a fierce energy with their cunning rhymes and clean yet memorable beats. El-P and Killer Mike have great chemistry and utilize both of their skills to effortlessly switch back and forth multiple times in a verse without ruining the flow. This style of rap makes it seem as if the two artists feed off of each other’s energies. Both Killer Mike and El-P have grown as rappers throughout their musical career and their skills are highlighted and showcased in their most recent album, Run The Jewels 3, commonly shortened to RTJ3. Two of their biggest hits off of the album, “Call Ticketron” and “Legend Has It”, are insanely catchy and painlessly work in crafty one-liners as well as each song having a larger message. Their songs throughout their entire career have perfectly captured the right amount of rage and defiance to keep their audience interested but not annoyed. In their third album, RTJ really amps up their message about what’s wrong with society and what we need to do to fix it, which can easily be seen in a multitude of songs but most notably “A Report to Shareholders”, which calls people to stop putting up with “the lesser of the evil” and warns about what is to come with this attitude. This may be the true, lasting message of RTJ: a call to action to salvage our nation and world before it’s too late. Run the Jewels is definitely not one of the new kids on the hip-hop music block but came back for their third album with a strong and defiant message that is neatly packaged in addicting beats and is effortlessly and creatively delivered.