Album Review – Hard EP

Madalynn Owens, Yearbook Editor

We’ve all heard the song “Sweater Weather” by The Neighbourhood, but they have almost disappeared from the radio waves since their big hits from their first studio album, I Love You, back in 2013 that had a somber and almost melodramatic yet catchy tone. They came back two years later in 2015 with Wiped Out! which included other hits had the same dark themes and styles but seemed to really up the intensity and energy of many of its songs. The Neighbourhood came back again two years later and recently released their EP Hard. Hard contains five tracks, and many seem that they have the dark and hypnotic sound that could easily belong on their first album but sound much more developed with smart lyrics. The singer, Jesse Rutherford, has stated and Tweeted many times that he doesn’t like to speak on politics but he’ll let his music speak for himself. The EP starts off with “Roll Call” which is centered around a soldier being controlled and is delivered in a very hypnotic way that easily draws an audience in. The three middle songs, “You Get Me So High”, “Noise”, and “24/7″ seem almost cliche and expected for a band like The Neighbourhood. The EP ends with ‘”Sadderdaze” which discusses the way things used to be and how Saturdays have now turned into sadder days. This song has a relaxed and sleepy vibe which is perfect for the upcoming chilly fall weather, much like the songs that got them their fame in the first place. This EP is a great stepping stone to their third full length album that shows their audience they still are the same band as they were before the fame but also shows they have a couple new tricks up their sleeves, hopefully they have more saved up for their new album to freshen up the airwaves a bit.