Movie Review – The Meyerowitz Stories

Madalynn Owens, Yearbook Editor

The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) a?�a?�a?�a?�

TV-M Rated Drama/Comedy

The Meyerowitz Stories is a new Netflix Original movie centering around a family of artists. The movie itself is an enigma, it is very simple but also complicated, it tells a new story but also one that seems very familiar. Harold Meyerowitz (Dustin Hoffman), an art professor and sculptor, gathers his adult children Jean (Elizabeth Marvel), Danny (Adam Sandler), and Matthew (Ben Stiller) to discuss how he can revitalize his career as an artist. His children have all had a unique childhood and as a result are not very close, with their upbringing they are almost fighting each other about what is right for their father and for each other throughout the beginning of the movie. The events surrounding their father and each other help them grow much closer than what they thought was possible. This movie feels very real, the drama within the scenes and the situations all feel very real, and at the end of the movie you truly believe that Jean, Danny, and Matthew are siblings. Sandler and Stiller help to bring some comedy and natural goofiness back into the film when it seems that things are getting a little too downcast to be enjoyable. This movie does suffer from a lack of structure which at times can cause it to be either slow moving or confusing. At times I was left wondering about the motives behind the character’s actions or slightly bored at the lack of action but was quickly brought back into the movie by the drama and great acting. The lack of structure does however contribute to the realness of the relationships and the emotions of the haphazard family that is being almost forced back together. If you like dramas, this one is definitely an interesting one, it’s on Netflix and is worth the two hours it takes to watch.