DIY at Battle High

Neila Bates, Reporter

Halloween is right around the corner and many high school students face the problem of finding a budget friendly but fun Halloween costume to celebrate the festivities in. What can you do? The answer is simplea��..DIY!!! With apps like Pinterest and social media in general the options for homemade halloween costumes are limitless. So here are 10 Halloween DIY costume ideas:


  • Rosy the Riveter: For this patriotic get up all you need is a jean shirt blue jeans and a red bandanna. Don’t forget the red lips!


  • Jelly Belly Bag: This costume will make you seem sweet as candy! You’ll need a pair of pants and a tanktop for underneath. You will also need a large clear trash bag, balloons, and whatever color ribbon you like. First you cut arm and leg holes in your bag, put it on, fill it with your blown up balloons to the waist and tie your ribbon just above the top of the balloons and there you go, a sweet treat!


  • Identity Thief: For this piece of comic relief all you need is name tags, name tags, name tags, name tags, and write different names on each tag make sure you have a lot of names!


  • Three Blind Mice: This folk tale endeavor will leave all your fellow Spartans in awe at your squad’s creativity. All you need is black pants, black shirts, dark sunglasses and makeshift mouse ears!


  • Sleeper Agent: Do you want to be a “punny” character for halloween this year? Well all you need is your pajamas and a fake FBI or police badge and you’re a sleeper agent!


  • Steve from Minecraft: When your inner gamer comes out all you need for this quick costume is a box and paint! You’ll want a fairly square box and make sure to cut out holes for your eyes and mouth. Have fun painting the pixels onto the face of the box!


  • Dean Winchester: For all you Supernatural super fans out there this costume is a cinch! All you need is jeans and your favorite flannel!


  • Starbucks Drink: With this costume all you need is a white dress and cardboard! You could add on some green leggings or pants for extra authenticity. For this costume just cut out a strip of cardboard fit to your waist measurements, print out the Starbucks logo and glue it on. If you want to add some extra details to the “drink warmer” write in your go-to drink!


  • Ceiling Fan: For this hilarious get up you will need a jersey type shirt or cheerleader gear. Then make enthusiastic signs cheering on your ceiling! Feel free to throw in pom poms and just run with it!


  • Instagram Live! In love with your insta feed? Make it real! All you need is a square piece of white cardboard and blue and black markers. First you want to cut out the frame for your fabulous face and then draw on all the screen parts of your instagram (like button, home button, Direct messagesa��.etc)


So there it is, 10 DIY costume ideas, convenient for the busy, underfunded, high school student. Have a fantastic Halloween!