Senior Year Preparations


Nick Meyers

Nevin Dubinski talks with a representative from Missouri Baptist University at the AVID College Fair

Sandra Medina, Writer

With December just around the corner, seniors might start to get a little overwhelmed with their busy class schedules and applying for colleges and scholarships.

Something most seniors haven’t been taking advantage of the past few years are scholarships. Amelia Howser, guidance counselor for last names J-M, said, “There are a lot that get unclaimed because students don’t apply at all.”

If you still haven’t applied for any scholarships now is the time. But don’t stress yourself with rushing through them. Make sure to take the time to get down a good essay. That will better the chances of getting chosen. Something to keep in mind if you are applying for more than just one college or even more than one scholarship.

Jordan Smith, AP World History teacher, said, “Don’t reinvent the wheel; create a common college essay and adapt it for each new essay.” It’s important to put a lot of time and energy into these documents but it is easy to spread yourself too thin. To avoid exhausting yourself focus on one essay and shape it to fit each individual scholarship and school. Teachers, family members, and peers are great resources to utilize for editing during this process.

Along with scholarships, seniors will be filling out college applications. And unlike scholarships, college applications should be finished by the end of December as well as sending transcripts and test scores.

Roxanne Garcia, senior, said, “My goals for the semesters are to pass all my classes and keep my GPA up.”

Over 44.2 million Americans have student loan debt. Throughout the nation we owe over $1.46 trillion in student loan debt. Almost 40% of the $1 trillion in student loans are from professional degrees and finance graduates.

A lot of information has been and will keep being thrown at students throughout senior year but luckily the counseling office has a wonderful packet filled with dates of when things should be started and/or done. It even offers college information, application services, financial aid, scholarship website and a lot more information. If you haven’t already you can pick one up in the Counseling office.

Amelia Howser, guidance counselor for last names J-M, said,”The one thing seniors need to know is don’t wait till the last minute”

Now’s the time to get started filling out college and scholarship applications.