Science Has Students in Stitches


Madalynn Owens

Riley Hartwick carefully sutures her pig’s foot.

Caden Elkthunder, Writer

Science Club held their second monthly meeting on October 24 after school, in F110. Around 35 students showed up to participate in the activities during this meeting. Students were taught how to properly stitch and suture wounds. They practiced with strings, scissors, and tape then moved on to stitching on a pig’s foot.

Freshman student Morgan McBee attended this Science Club meeting and said, “I like this meeting a lot because it’s a hands on experience and you can’t do this just anywhere.”

Science Club is a great place for hands-on activities and enrichment.

One of the Science Club leaders Star Rodriguez said, “I think anyone interested in science should join because we take a lot of feedback from students and the experiments that we’re doing are great for anyone who wants to have a career in the medical field or any other science field.”

Physics teacher and sponsor of Science Club Marsha Tyson said, “We try to pick high interest topics. We know students are interested in the medical field so we try to give them a taste of the work.”

Tyson is also very fond of the most recent Science Club meeting. She said, “The stitching and suturing of the pig’s foot is a great experiment, it gives students a hands on experience. They don’t want to hear people just give lectures.”

Tyson works hard with her student leaders to develop interesting club meetings that would interest a wide range of students: “I think students should join [Science Club] because it looks at all science areas and fields out there.”

The next science club meeting will be November 17 during Spartan Time in F110.