Battling at Districts

Summer Evans, Writer

This boys’ soccer season, the team won five of fifteen games and lost the district game in the first goal. Despite a disappointing record and losing the district game, the team gained better friendships and learned the values of a hardworking team.

Senior left midfielder Conner Flatt was impressed with how the team improved throughout the season. Flatt said, “As the team progressed through the season, I saw many players improve and rise up to the challenge of playing against top teams in the state. Although at the end we didn’t get the result we had been working toward, it was a great year and I enjoyed the players that give it their all every day.”

Head Coach Alex Huck has a similarly positive outlook on the take aways for this year’s team.

Huck said, “We have built upon the successes and experiences of previous years to try and continue our improvement. I feel that we have really instilled a hard work ethic, and have come to an understanding of the work it takes to be successful.”

A difficult competition season doesn’t keep the coaches from hoping for the best out of their athletes. They regularly condition and practice at school improving their skills and their ability to work together as a team.

“We have definitely experienced our ups and downs. We started off very strong, but as our season progressed, so has our strength of schedule. We’ve experienced some losses recently, but as a team we have certainly started to come together and improve as the season has gone on. My hope as a coach is that my players see the improvement we have made, and let that motivate us, despite what the results might show,” Huck said.

Although the team has experienced these recent losses, it didn’t stop them from training hard. For two weeks straight, the varsity team conditioned and trained through rain and shine.
No matter what, Huck believes the team must rely on the work they’ve put in all season: “We cannot change anything with only a week until districts and think we will have success. We have to rely on the work that we have put in and believe that that will take us forward into districts.”

There is one advantage that varsity had this season over previous years. Huck said, “I think the major difference has came with our style of play. The way we have switched up this year requires our players to be more fit and more physical than what has maybe been an expectation in the past. The intensity has had to increase, which is something we will look to build upon.”

Huck reflected on how his team has improved throughout the season: “We have certainly meshed more, together under the realization of the work it takes to be successful. The team has had to come to an understanding that, if we are looking for and attempting to have success, we must come together to make that happen. It has been fun to watch our progress the past three months, and I look forward to see where we go as a program from here.”

The players also feel that they have improved overall as a team throughout the season and history of the program. Senior center back Brandon Adeshakin said, “As a whole our program has improved their technicality and the emphasized the need to get better in the off season and bring it back for the high school season.”

Adeshakin elaborated on the importance of playing year round to keep up valuable skills and conditioning necessary to keep up with the rigorous needs of high school soccer: “Playing in the off season also improves soccer IQ which is necessary for a successful soccer program.” Adeshakin added in that team chemistry has improved this year as well.