A Fair Turnout

Caden Elkthunder, Writer

On Wednesday October 18, Battle High School held its first ever college fair. This event had many college booths for students and parents to come discuss prospective schools. There were job services and armed forces there as well for students to ask questions and learn more information about alternative post secondary education opportunities. The booths had knowledgable represenatives that gave out pamphlets, pens, pencils and keychains. The college phamplets included information on tuition, majors, student life, dorm options, and scholarships. The Commons were filled with students and parents interested in planning their futures.
Battle sophomore Daniella Eluria-Uribe said “I think the schools are interesting but I think more schools in attendance would improve the college fair”. Eluria-Uribe later stated that she was satisfied with the event as a whole and thought it was a great idea to begin planning for her future.
The United States Army representative running the booth, said “I think this event benefits students and parents to see the paths of their future. It is a great opportunity and the fair was executed well.”
Many schools from around mid-Missouri were in attendance such as, Columbia College, William Woods University, Central Methodist University, Stephens College, and University of Missouri. There were also colleges from further out such as Truman State University and Missouri Baptist University.
Battle sophomore student Nathan Walker said “All schools were great… they all seemed terrific.” He later goes on to state that this event opened his eyes to the many options in and around Missouri but wishes there were more colleges from different regions. Walker also said “I admire how the fair gives people a good idea of what is available in the near future.”
Many students and parents were seen at the event and many left with handfuls of college packets and minds full of ideas for the future.