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Speech and Debate: Refining Students for the Future

Summer Evans, Writer

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Because of the various number of clubs at Battle High School, some students may not be able to choose just one. Every club is different and has its own perks and values that can benefit every student. Speech and Debate is a club that is especially different from the others because it consists of three categories that student can choose from to suit their personal interests. 

Cooney started off as a judge for District Competition for Speech and Debate, believe it or not, several years ago which had initially sparked his interest in creating the club. He also received an undergraduate degree in mass communications. Overall, Speech and Debate is a great club for those who want to work on their speech skills, it can serve as a gateway club to better opportunities when it comes to school presentations, job interviews, and will look amazing on resumes

Although Speech and Debate is a club which allows time to have fun outside of schoolit also has some educational perks. One primary goal of Speech and Debate is to help students develop or refine their speaking techniques to advance their ability to analyze scenarios. Not only do students learn to refine their speech but it also sharpens communication techniques that could prepare them for the business world.“There are a lot of different ways that this could benefit students. It helps them with their public speaking ability, leadership skills, teamwork, memorization, and professional demeanor,” said Cooney, coordinator of the club.

“We are a newer team, and last year was the most student we’ve had. Last year we had about ten students per tournament, but we will have more this year”. Not only is speech and debate at Battle an independent school club; but also every year the team competes in tournaments that show off their skills. The competitive part of the club is considered to be what most students find most intriguing. Last year the battle speech and debate team had the most students ever. The club was composed of about ten students per tournament representing Battle.

 “There are a lot of different ways that this could benefit students.” The clubs also helps students with their public speaking ability, leadership skills, teamwork, memorization, and professional demeanor.”Whether a student wants to improve their speaking skills or those who just have a knack for making a point known,  speech and debate is for them.

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Speech and Debate: Refining Students for the Future