Dear Darla Winter: Lazy


Dear Darla, Staff writer

Question: How do I not be lazy?

Dear Lazy,

Here in the best time of our lives, laziness is almost inevitable. But if you have found yourself sick with the lazy bug, Darla’s home remedy is motivation! Those times when you’re sitting on the couch binge watching stranger things, you could be doing something to better yourself or your community.

Anthony Robbins once said “People are not lazy, they simply have impotent goals. That is, goals that do not inspire them.” So my dearest Lazy, my suggestion for you is to find something that inspires you, something that will better you as a person and work on it. See, the thing about being lazy is you’re being lazy because in your mind you don’t have anything better to do, so you find that thing that is your passion and eventually everything falls into perspective because when you have that passion you work for it no matter what it takes.If you’re passionate about becoming a doctor that Bio homework that’s due tomorrow becomes a priority because it’ll get you to your passion.

Well, Lazy I hope my advice rests well with you and I hope you apply it to your life, go out there and make the world a better place! Happy holidays!

Yours truly, Darla